ocean freight


Ocean Freight is the physical process of transporting commodities and merchandise goods and cargo.

The term shipping originally referred to transport by sea but in American English, it has been extended to refer to transport by land or air (International English: "carriage") as well.

Ocean freight takes more time, but it’s far cheaper and there are fewer restrictions on shipping hazardous cargo. On top of that, there’s much greater capacity for the price you pay. One container can hold 10,000 beer bottles for example!

Why & charts

This allows is method allows the transporting large amounts of goods using carrier ships. Goods are packed into containers and then loaded onto a vessel. A typical cargo ship can carry around 18,000 containers, which means that sea freight is a cost-efficient way to transport high quantities over large distances.

Hands down, the ocean shipping industry offers the most competitive freight costs to shippers, especially over long distances.

By comparison, some estimates show that ocean freight shipping costs are generally four to six times less expensive than air. With statistics like this one, it is easy to argue that ocean transportation is the cheapest international shipping option.

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how it works?!

Once you have engaged with us, we will collect the goods from your supplier and move them through the port in one of the previously mentioned forms. It is worth noting that delivery times should include a delay moving through the port each side as they have to pass through customs.

why us!

It’s important to choose a warehouse that complements these other touch-points in your supply chain. Below are some reasons to consider us.

Customer care

A good transportation company takes pride in its customer care service, and it also acts as the base of the company. WE CARE ABOUT YOU


Time is wealth so they say. We minimize time and maximize productivity. Be rest assured of a good services. Try us today

Proper safety and precaution

Different types of goods require different types of safety measures. Safe of your goods is non negotiable. Be rest assured


Experience matters a lot when it comes to transportation services. With the wealth of experience we have gathered over the years you are sure to be treated well.

key benefits

Transporting containers of goods by ship is the one of the most cost effective forms of transport, which is important supply chain management and operations within a business and can help keep the price of goods competitive for the end customers
For items that are big or heavy, shipping might be the only way to get goods overseas, as airlines can restrict form of transport and shipping ports generally have large storage capabilities
Ocean freight is the most environmentally friendly form of transport for cargo, which can help boost the companies brand and reputation